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Why Internet Marketing?

In a fast paced environment that we’re living in now, it’s becoming so hard to earn a good income that can satisfy us. Some of you might already be having a nice time, with a pretty good income, living quite leisurely, but just enough to cover the rent. What about those who are struggling to make ends meet? Those who have trouble even finding a job? Those that doesn’t have any qualifications to have a decent job that brings home a decent amount of money for the family?

Some will want to have a little more extra cash to be able to enjoy what they want to do. Maybe travel, upgrade a house, get a car.. or finally break away from everything and live a life of freedom.
Some have no other way to make ends meet, and will source out any kind of jobs available, just to have something to go buy.

This is where Internet Marketing can help ANYONE earn a living. Internet Marketing is just another way, option, to have a good, stable income. Just like any jobs that you have to put effort in. It is also work. But one that you have most control of. You work your own times, no boss to nag at you, and the best thing, you can work at home at still be close to your family!

In a quadrant that Robert Kiyosaki explained, there’s 4 categories that we all fall into.

E – Employee – have a job. (5% wealth)
S – Self-Employed – own a job. (95% population)
B – Business Owner – own a system (95% wealth)
I – Investor – own investments ( 5% population)

Let me explained each of these categories.

Employee – People who works for others.

As an employee, you will earn monthly income, no matter if the company you work for gained profit or not. You have no control of how many hours you have to work, you have no control if you want to have a holiday! And what if for any reasons you could not work anymore? As an Employee, there’s a Boss that takes control of you. Otherwise, how much maximum income can you earn?

Self- Employed – You are the boss and employee as well. (Doctors, Lawyers, Actor/Actress)

As a self-employed, you don’t have a boss to control you, and no one can give you any orders. You can work anytime you want. And the more you work, the more money you will make. But what if for some reason you couldn’t work anymore? Will you still have income?

Business Owner – You are the Boss. You are manifesting people’s time, mind and energy to work and generate income for you. This is called leveraging. This is one of the best positions to be in, especially if you understand businesses.

Investor – Being a investor, you make money work FOR you. You invest on paper sheets, gold, stocks and various others. This is also a good position to be in.

Here’s a video that the man himself, Mr. Kiyosaki, explaining the Cash Flow Quadrant. (he starts explaining at 1.20)


Internet Marketing is a very lucrative way to earn a stable income, and is proven by many others who are in this business too. But be wary, there are many scams out there that are just out to get your money, and doesn’t do anything to help you earn your goal.

Here at EndlessOnlineIncome. I strive to share with you quality information about the world of Internet Marketing, and share with your courses that I deemed to be very trustworthy and that is proven to make you money. Provided, of course, that you yourself put in the effort to make it happen.

There are never any shortcuts in this world to be successful. Never let your guard down when hearing any of this claims. There may be ways to make your success faster, but there’s never any shortcuts. In any kind of honest business, your work, your effort, is the main factor to put yourself where you want to be.

I thank you for being with EndlessOnlineIncome.

Welcome, and I wish you success!

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